About The Project

Lets face it, souvenirs have a bad wrap.  Tacky, made somewhere else, cliched. They’re often bought on impulse and find their way quickly to the bottom drawer.

The Super Souvenir project offers a contemporary approach to the creation of a new generation of objects that speak of the diversity, uniqueness and spirited culture of South East Queensland.

We are working to inspire and uplift local emerging artists, designers and craftspeople by providing a collaborative platform. By way of sharing each artist's talent, this spontaneous collaboration with Super Souvenir embodies an entrepreneurially-minded network of artistic and designer production.

This project is committed to supporting and furthering the creative output for cultural souvenirs in hope for tourists and locals to gain a better understanding of the true culture of each destination we visit. The souvenir has many meanings to many people, some find these tacky and obsolete, and others collect and cherish them. By any means, the souvenir seems to embody the essence of what it feels, looks, hears and tastes like to be in that same place that is now distant. Recently the souvenir has become accepted among locals who have adopted these objects, ornaments and wearables to identify themselves as proud ambassadors of their local community.

It's important that these souvenirs are made locally, by the artist, and in collaboration with a professional manufacturer in each place. We want to maintain a strong voice as a supporter of local trade and be environmentally conscious.

Super Souvenir is a hybrid space - a portable contemporary gallery and micro museum on wheels, residing in a repurposed 1978 Viscount Royale Caravan