Day/Nights [2018]

Gold Coast Souvenir Soundtrack by Veople


Day/Nights [2018]

Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Synthesiser,  Drum machines, Base Guitar, Digital Recording Programs, 10-inch Pressed Vinyl with Five Audio Tracks.
Recorded between Kirra + Brisbane. // Mastered in Currumbin by Liam Kriz
Musicians: Jay Jermyn + Julian Curry + Mathew Powell + Thomas Green
Cover Art: Jay Jermyn // Back Cover Design:  Byron Coathup

Day/Nights is a work that combines sound and visual languages that seek to capture the memory of feelings at different times of day and in different locations up and down the Gold Coast coastline. The work responds to the patterns of movement, the distinctive local colour of blues and warm orange and the music - swirling all the time.


Meet Jay Jermyn

Gold Coast emerging artist and musician, Jay Jermyn communicates the weight and importance of social acceptance through his interwoven creative expressions.   Studying Art & Design at Griffith University on the Gold Coast, Jermyn’s multi-disciplinary practices confront cultural divisions, both geographical and metaphorical. His collection of artworks is defined by an ongoing quest to locate enigmatic identities and emotions.  People inspire Jermyn. But through all his artworks and collaborative processes, including his compositions as a songwriter and musician, Jermyn hopes to inspire people.

Jay is a Multi-disciplinary artist exploring abstract forms, sounds and vision that evoke emotion and challenge the weight and importance of social acceptance.


Tweed Heads / 25/04/1991

Where do you reside on the Gold Coast?   

Kirra Beach


What brought you to the Gold Coast ?

In my case its what keeps me here after seeing the world. The small town vibe I get from each section along the coast creating an inviting atmosphere. 

What do you love most about the Gold Coast and making art here?

I love the ocean coupled with a supportive community of artists that are as excited by each other’s work as they are about their own. Its this genuine excitement and care for the communities growth in the arts that drives me to continue to push myself.

How do you feel we can make the Gold Coast a better city?

I think more spaces for artists and creative of all facets to express themselves and their practice could highly benefit the coast. I also believe that a vast variety of work that’s not normally seen to be viewed by a more public audience.

What does a souvenir mean to you?

A souvenir to me is to capture the emotion that you felt about a place in an item so that you can revisit that place and relive the positive connotations attached to it. The souvenirs that I own mean a great deal to me because of the memories that are triggered by them.


What do you think makes a souvenir unique to you?

Something you can’t just get anywhere from any shop anywhere in the world. Something that can only be found to be related to the place you visited.

How do you find your involvement with Super Souvenir exciting?

I’m excited to be apart of this project so that I can express my gratitude for the city that I live in, in a way that is unique and encompasses the energy and excitement out city holds

Outline your ideas for what you are considering on making for the project? 

 I’ll be undertaking the task of writing and recording a record that sonically takes you through 24hrs spent on the gold coast, from daybreak to sunrise and everything in between. I’ll be creating abstract visual art pieces for the record to accompany each track to enhance the overall visualisation of the journey.

Is there a favourite icon or place on the Gold Coast you love the most? And does it inform your work as an artist ?

Kirra hill on any given day, from raining to sunshine. It flares me right up every time I look out over the entire gold coast, it gives me a sense that there is so much to gain and appreciate about where we live.