Highway Gothic Postcards

Highway Gothic Postcards


'Highway Gothic' Postcard Set

by Aaron Chapman

This postcard collection of 10 manipulated images studies the symbolism found in Gold Coast suburb and road signs. While avoiding the iconography of bikini-clad women and neon lights, this collection explores the typographic and text-based elements of pre-2000s postcards by reinterpreting the city's signage. The found texts in these directional and instructional signs offer short descriptions of a Gold Coast ethos.

'Highway Gothic' is an extension of 'Parallel City', a set of 28 postcards produced for Super Souvenir during April's 2018 Commonwealth Games.

The artwork is an authentic, original work. All copyright and reproduction rights are reserved by the artist. Limited edition of 10. Available for purchase.

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Born in Bali, Indonesia

Currently lives in Southport, QLD

Aaron Chapman's photography combines a few different styles, namely minimalism and architecture. People call it different things. He calls the Gold Coast a beautiful place to photograph—the iconic skyline, the beaches and nature. But he also likes to find the isolated elements, often devoid of human interaction. Aarons practice has become a reflection of who he is and how he fits into this city. As well as being a personal exploration into the basics of composition, colour and light, a lot of his practice is an ode to the sign makers, the mechanics and the concrete plant employees—the ones behind the scenes.

Aarons states, "Their buildings aren't flashy like the high-rises along the esplanade, but there's a certain and simple beauty that attests to the humility of their business. They demand no attention. They stand there on the fringes, out of sight, but go about as always, creating the foundations for the city."