Burleigh Heads Tea Towel

Burleigh Heads Tea Towel


Bogan Boofheads Barrels Tea Towel

by Ashley Nixon

Burleigh Heads Tea Towel:

Punch on down the point or out in the lineup, your choice bud! Each tea towel is on a limited run of 20 and is screen-printed 100% linen.

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Born in Toowoomba, 29/6/1987

Currently lives in Surfers Paradise

Ashley is a mixed bag of graphic design, sign-writing and healthy adoration of Australiana.  Throughout his childhood and adolesence he has been surrounded by his dad’s love for craftsmanship and humour. Namely in his collection of enamel signs, automobiles, Footrot Flats comics and Mad Magazines. These influences all resided in his dad’s shed. For Ashley, all of these had a common thread in their graphics. Whether it be brand decal on a lathe or the signwriting on a truck door he has always been fixated on the graphic itself, rather than the piece of equipment it was adorning or advertising. Via mouse, paintbrush or pencil; his work has to have passed through by his hand at some point of the design process. For the most part, his aim to keep a fairly balanced graphic style occasionally thrown out of whack with a few imperfections.